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Story Engines Nick Stephenson & Joe Nassise |Every good story – from the wildest sci-fi romps to the grittiest crime dramas, steamiest romances, and most exciting adventures – is made up of 7 key elements: 4 distinct phases and 3 game-changing moments.

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and Creative Writing Instructor for ASU Joe Nassise will show you the strategies and techniques he’s used to write and publish 38 books.

“Story Engines” by Nick Stephenson – Another Masterpiece for Aspiring.

So for this article, I’ve enlisted the help of Joe Nassise (pic above) – a NYT Bestelling author of over 40 novels (in several languages – and with over 1m books in print) to share his process for writing like a speed demon, without sacrificing quality. This is all part of a process we call Story Engines.