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How To Find All The Motivated Sellers You Will Ever Need For Your Real Estate Investing Business.

better take a look at Kathy Kennebrook®’s Marketing Magic. She’s made it brain-dead simple to do these mailings and has created a masterpiece package for you that is very cheap and easy to follow.”.

Marketing Magic II – “The Red System

Kathy Kennebrook, in her Marketing Magic system was talking about sending direct mail where sellers sort of pre-screen themselves and even send pictures through e-mail. That way, she is able to eliminate things that will not work for her.

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Kathy Kennebrook® s Marketing Magic System Let Me Show You How I Made Seven Figures In Twelve Short Months Using My Unique Direct Mail Strategies To Locate More Highly Motivated Sellers and Completely Automate My Business And How You Can Do The Same In Your Pajamas Without Licking A Single Stamp!