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3. Write sales copy to the smartest, most skeptical person in your audience. ~ Clayton Makepeace. 4. Your job as copywriter is to champion your client’s cause. ~ Jeremiah Magone. 5. Powerful Headline + Relatable Story + Something your prospect didn’t know + What to do next = The “secret formula” for a super-effective sidebar ~ Carline.

Get MORE Than Your Money’s Worth From Your Copywriter. by Clayton Makepeace | Jan 18, 2006 | Entrepreneur, Internet Business, Wealth. Although I’m generally known as a copywriter, I recently put every aspect of a new client’s company under the microscope for him.

Could Copywriting Be the Business Idea of Your Dreams?.

Clayton Makepeace is a copywriter and direct-marketing consultant with over 33 years of experience and more.

That $370,000 is for work I did in December alone – NOT accumulated royalties from campaigns created over many previous months. I earned that money working for the client only about four hours a day.

Megastar copywriter Clayton Makepeace gives you the equivalent of a master’s degree in.

Not all potential clients are a good match for your copywriting business.

Makepeace Business System – Clayton Makepeace : I gave myself 15 days off in December nearly half the month to hang with my wife and kids for the holidays. Since I only worked half-days for half the month about 64 hours