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At Mindvalley Mentoring, each class is based on the transformational theory of “Consciousness Engineering” where you learn to model some of the world’s top minds. Get exclusive access to 100+ world-class teachers as they upgrade your mind and install life-changing new models of reality in you.

Consciousness Engineering is a technique that will help you create extraordinary levels of success by shifting the two things that truly define who you are as a human.

process of “consciousness engineering”, The Code of The Extraordinary Mind. The Code of The Extraordinary Mind 10 UNCONVENTIONAL LAWS TO REDEFINE YOUR LIFE AND SUCCEED ON YOUR OWN TERMS Vishen Lakhiani – CEO of $100 Million+ Edu-Tech Startup Mindvalley Academy

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Consciousness Engineering is more than just a training course, it’s a way of understanding the world. Vishen Lakhiani and the Mindvalley team have been able to achieve extraordinary results in business and life from deeply and fundamentally internalizing the belief that “reality is malleable.”

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