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Studies have shown that prolonged drug abuse can actually alter the physical and chemical structures of the brain, and even produce a brain disorder, called addiction or dependence.

Much like the Internet itself, jobs in the cyber industry can be accessible to anyone, ranging from high school graduates to those with advanced degrees, provided they have the pathway to learn the sk.

The long road ahead for Boston’s schools – Give students the opportunity to study serious content seriously. Add more Advanced Placement and honors classes and allow students to double up on courses.

technical education. Give them the tools.

For those of us who understand why the United States faked the moon landing of 1969 and why the Chinese and the Japanese and other nations fake moon and space missions today, it is very disconcerting to see an explosion in the bubble of fabricated reality as grandiose and egregiously brain damaging as the wealth gobbling fakery of a possible United States Space Force.

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These Women In Tech Created A Card Game That Starts Productive Conversations About Sexism – Working in the male-dominated tech industry motivated three Amazon colleagues to create.

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