Wso Dr. Elaine Ingham – Compost Class

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Compost Technology and Methods, March 2 . The Compost class instructs specific methods of producing different varieties of organic compost. Attendees will learn about the various aspects of quality compost and how to consistently produce biologically active and effective compost. This class is instructed by Dr. Elaine Ingham and Todd Harrington.

Dr. Elaine Ingham leads this very special class training people to use simple, but effective, shadowing light microscope methods to identify soil biology. Learn from the master herself about what constitutes good compost and compost tea based on microscope assessment.

Compost Class – sign up and start anytime. Compost Tea Class – sign up and start anytime. Microscope Class – sign up and start anytime (Life in the Soil Class or 2+ day workshop/lecture by Dr. Elaine Ingham are a Prerequiste for taking the Compost Tea, Compost, & Microscope Classes)

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Compost Tea & Soil Food Web Intensive Register Now! March 5-9 2018, at the M.A. Center in Castro Valley. This workshop with Dr. Elaine Ingham, the internationally revered soil expert of our time, is for farmers, landscapers, ranchers, creators and distributors of agricultural products, waste management professionals, soil and garden enthusiasts of all types, and anyone who touches the earth.